The first step in the credit repair process is to obtain your credit reports from all 3 of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union). 
How to send your credit reports using Privacy Guard ** Best Choice

Step 1:

Privacy Guard
Visit and click on the picture link that says “New Member Offer… Try It Now”  You will need to fill out general information and create a Username and Password.  This page will also ask for your credit card information.  Remember, if you want to purchase your reports for only $1, you will have to cancel your membership within 14-days!  It is up to you to cancel your membership if you wish, but please give CSR ample time to complete your personal profile before canceling (Approx. 5 business days).  We suggest that you contact CSR to verify that they no longer need your account and are done with your credit reports before canceling your service.
Remember your “Username” and “Password” and send an email to In the email, provide the staff at CSR with your Username, Password, and last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.   CSR will be using that information to log into your profile to view your credit reports.

Step 2:

Privacy Guard
Once you have filled our the information and joined PrivacyGuard, you will need to go to the “Login” page.

You must check your email before filling out this page because will have provided you with Member Number in your email. 
Fill in the information in the Login page.  Remember your Member Number has been provided in your email by PrivacyGuard.  Once you submit the Login Form, you will be asked a serious of security questions to verify your identity.  Make sure to answer all the questions correctly.   At this point you should now be logged into PrivacyGuard and able to view your credit reports.*** Make sure you are able to log into your PrivacyGuard account. If you can not access your account, then our staff will be unable to log into your account as well.***

Step 3:

Privacy Guard
In order for our staff at CSR to view your credit reports, we will need to log into your CSR account.  If you have not yet sent us an email with your Username, Password, and last 4 digits of your SSN please do so now.  Send your email to .
To help us organize your information, please include your First and Last name in the email.  Under “Subject” for the email,  please type PrivacyGuard Info.Make sure you visit our website so our staff at CSR can continue with your credit repair process.